1. I was kicked out of the house while my sisters were decorating for the shower. So I went for a mani and pedi. My brother-in-law John and my nieces scoured every nail salon in the area till they found me and came in and paid for me. Best pre-shower gift ever! #ccelliandjodie

  2. More shower pics! My awesome sister Jessica made homemade limoncello for everyone and holy crap it was good!!!! #ccelliandjodie

  3. New custom sofa courtesy of my sister!

  4. Madly in love with our new kitchen island!

  5. Free coffee for National Coffee Day!

  6. Me and @exponent finally handling our passport situation #ccelliandjodie

  7. Mr and Mrs Mack! @bmack215th @neenybyrd @exponent #mcrispowedding

  8. Mr. And Mrs. Mack!!!!!! @bmack215th @neenybyrd #mcrispowedding

  9. Terrible picture but handsome men! @bmack215th @neenybyrd #mcrispowedding

  10. Terrible photo but handsome men! @bmack215th @neenybyrd #mcrispo-wedding