1. Day 96: As excited as I am about the wedding, @exponent talked about honeymoon all weekend. #100happydays

  2. Day 98: Fill the boot! Support your local fire department and MDA! #100happydays #mycitycares

  3. Holy crap! The 100 day mark is here. @exponent

  4. My friend @ladyt514 is collecting school supplies for her church. I haven’t been back to school shopping in a long time and it was fun! If you want to donate … Let me know. #mycitycares

  5. I want a sleep pod so bad …

  6. A girl can dream ….

  7. Little Ccelli is the cutest … I cant even handle it!!!!

  8. I am madly in love with my fiancĂ© @exponent … Shout out @mikeyestv for the photo!

  9. Date Night!!!!

  10. Heres the view for tonight …. @richmfnquick is live! Come on down … All ages!!!!!!!